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Dr. John N. Thomas, Board Certified Sports Chiropractor and Certified IDD Therapy® Clinician.

Muscle Stripping

Muscle Stripping involves deep tissue manual therapy to clear out the adhesions (scar tissue) formed in muscle fiber during physical activity. The technique is more effective than a deep tissue massage or a sports massage, as it elongates the muscles and removes the knots. For athletic patients, muscle stripping works to accelerate recovery, prevent injuries, as well as increase stride length, flexibility, and strength. In basketball players, they'll have more spring. Runners will feel more loose and fresh for their races.

At Allied Healthcare Clinics, I usually combine Muscle Stripping Protocol with moist heat and Ultrasound Therapy, which aids in healing. To alleviate pain, electrical stimulation may also be included.

Watch this Awesome Video to fully understand the process of Muscle Stripping.

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